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Fix Tracker

December 2017

Product Major
    • REL-4018 - Set JSESSIONID to be "HttpOnly"
    • REL-4305 - Don't log PermissionDenieds with a stack trace
    • REL-4604 - Force JSESSION to be "secure"
    • REL-5276 - Bulk selection of nested tasks
    • REL-5594 - TemplateApi.start should validate if the releaseID passed is a template or release
    • REL-5599 - Improve Trigger logging
      Bug fixes
    • REL-3528 - Trigger disappears from Template when Variable is deleted
    • REL-5111 - Notifications are sent out with names missing
    • REL-5193 - Users are not visible on task modal in assignment menu
    • REL-5521 - Could not resolve placeholder 'ldap.password' in value "${ldap.password}"
    • REL-5579 - Task fails to execute on some automated releases
    • REL-5616 - Invoking /server/shutdown api call doesn't shut down the server properly
    • REL-5636 - Suggested tags are not sorted correctly
    • REL-5667 - Properties on jackrabbit-repository.xml are not resolved
    • REL-5670 - Can't edit recipients on notification settings page
    • REL-5684 - Release owner value is not updating Release admin value in teams and permissions
    • REL-5704 - XLR add-task REST API ignores position in Parallel/Sequential groups
    • REL-5736 - Add missing jython docs for ReleaseFilters