Customizing the login screen

As of Deploy 9.7.0, you can configure your login screen to display a custom message. To add a custom message to the login screen, you must configure the auth-html-message parameter under the login section in the xl-deploy.conf file.

For example:

xl {
   gui {

       login {
       auth-html-message = "This system is AUTHORIZED users only <br>- All failed login attempts will be logged and reported as security incidents. <br> - This is a shared resource, please do NOT perform performance testing on this instance.

The custom message in the example above, warns users against unauthorized access as well as informs them about the specific purpose of the Deploy instance.

Once you provide a custom message, it will appear on the login screen as shown in the image below:

Login Screen

Note: Select the checkbox Keep me logged in if you wish the system to remember the user name and password on the machine.