Continuum plugin


  • Continuum server
  • XL-Release server 9.8 or higher version

Set up a Continuum server

There are two locations where you can define a Continuum: Server configuration:

  • On a global level in Settings > Shared configuration
  • On a folder level in Design > Folders, under the Configuration tab of the desired folder

To set up a connection to a Continuum server:

  1. In Release, go to one of the two specified locations.
  2. Click Add button next to the Continuum: Server.

    • NOTE: Only one Continuum Server can be defined at a level
  3. In the Title field, specify a name for your Continuum server.
  4. In the URL field, specify the URL where to connect to the Continuum server.
  5. In the Api Token field, specify the token of the Continuum server.
  6. If you are using a proxy connection, specify the host, port, username, and password in the Proxy section.
  7. To test the server connection, click Test.
  8. Click Save.

Add Continuum Server


  • Set the log level to debug in xl-release
  • Whenever a release, kicked off from Continuum server, is successful, the below response can be found in the xlr-logs
Release completed event request for release = [c1438299 and release status =  COMPLETED]
 Continuum response:
    "ErrorCode": "",
    "ErrorDetail": "",
    "ErrorMessage": "",
    "Method": "xlrelease_status",
    "Response": ""

Release notes

Release Continuum plugin 10.0.0


  • [ENG-2423] - Added improvements in Continuum plugin