Database Anonymizer

This module provides an anonymizing functionality for dumping the data of Deploy database, which you can afterward import back by using the anonymizer tool.

Anonymizer mean to replace all sensitive information, mainly intended for passwords and dictionary values.

Configuration to Anonymizer database

To configuration file (conf/db-anonymize.json)contains the rules how the data from the database is going to be export. There are three section in it.

  1. Which tables to not export. Like for example users could be quite sensitive information, so this table by default has not exported
"tables-to-not-export": ["XL_USERS"]
  1. The original content of specific column in a specific table will be replaced with the define value in “value” field

    "tables-to-anonymize": [
    "table": "XL_USERS",
    "column": "PASSWORD",
    "value": "password"
    "table": "XLD_DICT_ENTRIES",
    "column": "value",
    "value": "placeholder"
  2. Any column containing specific content of text is going to be replaced with the provided value.

    "content-to-anonymize": [
    "key": "Xebialabs",
    "value": ""

Note: Anonymizing the content which is same as dictionary title will change the key and dictionary title as well. Anonymizing the content which is same as dictionary type will corrupt the dictionary.

Export Anonymizing Database:


The data will be dumped with the file named xl-deploy-repository-dump.xml and will be placed to a server home directory.

Import Anonymizing Database:

./bin/ -import




	-f  string