Google Cloud Compute Plugin

The Deploy Google Cloud Compute plugin allows you to deploy the Deploy instance on the Google Cloud platform.


  • Deploy 10.0 or later releases
  • Google Cloud Platform infrastructure

Build the Plugin

To build the plugin, run the following command:

./gradlew clean build

After the build is successful, a *.xldp file containing the plugin is generated under the build/distributions folder.

Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin on Deploy:

  1. Download the latest JAR file from the Distribution site.
  2. Copy the plugin file to XL_DEPLOY_SERVER/plugins/xld-official directory.
  3. Restart the Deploy server.

Using the Google Compute Plugin

Before using the Google Compute plugin, you must configure the plugin properties on Deploy interface:

  1. From Explorer, click Infrastructure > New > Directory > AccountCloud, and fill in the properties. Note Alternatively, you can use the Import from JSON task from Monitoring > Deployment Tasks and configure google.AccountCloud.
  2. Click Monitoring > Deployment Tasks and select the Check Connection to validate the parameters.
  3. Right-click Environments > New > Environment and create an environment.
  4. In the Containers field, enter google.AccountCloud to add the container.