Helm plugin

The Deploy Helm plugin supports:

  • Deploy & upgrade helm.Chart V2 & V3

The Deploy Kubernetes plugin can deploy and undeploy Helm charts on a Kubernetes host. To use the plugin:

  1. Download the Deploy Helm plugin ZIP from the distribution site.
  2. Unpack the plugin inside the XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/plugins/ directory.
  3. Restart Deploy.

This plugin enables the use of Helm client host types and tasks that are specific to installing and deleting Helm charts, in Deploy.

Setting up the Deploy Helm plugin:

  1. In the infrastructure create an Overthere host(Linux and Unix hosts) which Helm binary installed(helm binary uses kubectl and its config).
  2. After successful connection to the host, hover on host Infrastructure CI and click the Menu button,
  3. Click new and select helm.Client.
  4. Create a Helm Client with the required properties.
  5. In Helm Client, provide value in “Helm Host” only when using helm v2. For helm v3, keep it blank.
  6. The Helm client also needs a reference in the Kubernetes master(k8s.Master) in order to manage Helm charts deployments on Kubernetes cluster.
  7. If the Kubernetes Master already exists in the Infrastructure list, then just point the helmClient property of k8s.Master to the helm Client created in point 4. If Kubernetes master is not already there in Infrastructure list then create a new k8s.Master as deploy Kubernetes plugin and set the Helm client property to point at helm client.

Using Deploy Helm plugin:

  1. Create an environment using the k8s.Master which has the helmClient property pointing to the Helm.Client type.
  2. Create a deployment package with the Helm.Chart along with the required properties: image
  3. Deploy this package to the k8s env on which it is mapped to k8s namespace.
  4. A YAML file which overrides the Values.yaml of a Helm chart, is supported as helm.ConfigFile type. To specify a Config file which overrides the values in Values.yaml, create a helm.ConfigFile under Helm.Chart.
  5. The custom values for Values.yaml can also be specified in Input Variables and Secret Input Variables: image

Deploying two helm charts in parallel with Deploy:

  • Users can deploy Helm charts in parallel with Deploy. The Deploy Helm plugin supports all the core features of deployments provided by Deploy. image image