Configuring Deployables Using Google Cloud Compute Plugin

The Google Cloud Compute plugin supports Deploy Instance Spec and Deploy Template Spec deployables.


  • Deploy 10.0 or later releases
  • Google Cloud Platform infrastructure

Step 1—Create Provisioning Package

  1. Log in to Deploy.
  2. From Explorer, hover over Applications, and then click Menu button, and select New > Application.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. For the Deploy Instance Spec deployable, type googlecloud.compute.InstanceSpec in the Type field

Configure Instance Spec

  • For the Deploy Template Spec deployable, type googlecloud.compute.TemplateSpec in the Type field

Configure Template Spec

  1. Click Save.

Step 2—Start the Deployment

  1. Start the deployment. For more information, see Start a Deployment.

Deployment of the Deployables