Enable Deploy maintenance mode

To safely restart the Deploy server, administrators can use Deploy maintenance mode to temporarily prevent users from starting new deployments and other tasks.

When the system is in maintenance mode:

  • Deployments that have already started will be allowed to finish. You can use the Monitoring section to view deployments that are in progress.
  • The admin user can continue to start new tasks.
  • Scheduled tasks are not prevented from starting.

Enable maintenance mode

To enable maintenance mode:

  1. Click on gear icon and select Maintenance mode.
  2. Select the Enable maintenance mode checkbox.
  3. Optionally modify the user message with details about the outage and any relevant links. While maintenance mode is enabled, this message will display at the top of Deploy.
  4. Click Save.

Disable maintenance mode

To disable maintenance mode and allow users to start new deployments:

  1. Click on gear icon and select Maintenance mode.
  2. Uncheck Enable maintenance mode.
  3. Click Save.

Note: If you had configured a notification message, it will no longer display.