View satellite group information

The satellite group summary screen displays a set of basic information about the satellite group, the state of the satellites, and a list of infrastructure items connected to the satellites. For more information about using satellites, see Get started with the satellite module.

View the satellite group summary screen

To view the summary screen of a satellite group, expand Infrastructure in the left pane and double-click a satellite group.

The summary screen displays the satellite group name and the list of satellites in the group. For each satellite in the list you can see the state, version, and plugin status.

  • To view all the satellites in the system, click Satellites.
  • To view the summary screen of a satellite from the list, click the satellite.
  • To modify the satellite group name or to add or remove satellites from the group, click Edit properties.

Deployment tasks

You can view the deployment tasks for the satellite in this group and use various filters to view specific tasks:

  • Search tasks by package or environment.
  • Filter tasks by selecting the type.
  • Filter tasks by the their state.
  • Filter tasks by specifying the task ID.

To hide the filter section on the page, click Hide filters.


The summary screen displays a list of all the hosts linked to the satellites in this group.

You can use the search to find a specific host in the list.

To edit the properties of a host from the list, click the host. A new tab opens with the host properties. For more information, see Assign satellites to a host.