Feature settings

The Feature Settings page allows you to toggle or configure the optional features in Release. To configure the feature settings, from the navigation bar, click Settings > Features. The Feature settings page is only available to users who have the Admin global permission.

Feature settings


Product Analytics and Guidance Feature

This feature delivers in-app walkthroughs, guidance and release notes in Release using the Pendo.io platform. Anonymous usage analytics are collected in order to improve the customer experience and business value delivery.

Please see the Pendo analytics and guidance topic on more information about this integration.

Feature Toggle

You can enable or disable the Product Analytics and Guidance feature from the Product analytics and guidance group by selecting or clearing the Analytics and guidance checkbox. The feature is enabled by default.

Allow Users to Opt-out

By default, the feature is active for all users in the Release instance. To allow individual users to opt out from the usage analytics and guidance from their User profile page, select the Allow users to opt-out checkbox.

GitOps-enabled version control (tech preview)

GitOps-enabled version control allows you to store folder content like templates, variables and configuration as YAML code in Git and enables a GitOps style workflow to author, review and promote content between Release environments.

This feature is in tech preview and is meant for evaluation purposes only and is disabled by default.