Configure roles

Release has a role-based security system with two types of users:

Assign Roles

Important: The Roles page is only available to users who have the Admin or Edit Security global permission.

In Release, internal users, external users, and external user groups are assigned to roles, which determine the global permissions that they have. The technical term for a user or group that is assigned to a role is a principal. For more information, see configure permissions.

Configure roles

  1. From the navigation bar, click User management.
  2. Click Roles.
  3. The following options are available

    • To add a new role, click New role.
    • To delete a role, click Delete role.
    • To change the name of a role, click the role name or click Edit role.
    • To add a principal to a role:

      • In the principals column, type the principal name and press Enter. Or
      • Click Edit role and enter the principal name and click Save.


In the above example, john and mary have the Administrators role, while all users in the all-it group are members of the Users role.

Filter roles

To filter roles or principals lists, click in the corresponding search field and type the assigned role or principal you want to find.