Start a release from a template

You can create a release from a template using these methods:

  • Select Design > Folders, locate the template, and click New release
  • Select Design > Templates, locate the template, and click New release
  • Click New Release on the template when it is open in the release flow editor

When you create a release from a template, the default state of the release is planned. Before you start the release and the users are notified by email that tasks are assigned to them, as the release owner, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Enter a name for the release.
  2. Specify the folder where you want to create the release.
  3. Assign a risk profile to the release.
  4. Set or modify the description.
  5. Assign values to variables. For more information, see Variables in Release.
  6. Populate the release teams or revise the members of the teams. For more information, see Configure teams for a release.
  7. Optionally set scheduled start and due dates on tasks.
  8. Revise dependencies on other releases. Note: Dependencies can only be set on active releases, they cannot be specified in the template.
  9. Click Create.