Oracle SOA plugin

The Deploy Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) plugin supports:

  • Importing and deleting MDS items
  • Deploying and undeploying SOA composites
  • Updating SOA technology adapters in Oracle Fusion
  • Updating extension libraries for SOA Suite
  • Uploading XSL Resources to the SOA server hosts
  • Deploying user message drivers to the SOA servers

For information about the configuration items (CIs) that the Oracle SOA plugin provides, refer to the Oracle SOA Plugin Reference.


  • Import and delete MDS folders
  • Deploy SOA composite services
  • Add resources to technology adapters
  • Add XSL resources to use in transformations
  • Define user messaging drivers

Using the plugin configuration items

The soa.MdsSpec CI is a JAR file that contains:

  • One MDS folder with its subfolders and elements

The soa.CompositeSpec CI is a ZIP file that contains:

  • One deployable SCA archive file
  • One configuration plan XML file

When you use the Deploy user interface to upload a soa.CompositeSpec artifact, you must ensure that the SCA JAR file and the configuration plan XML file are at the root of the ZIP file.

The soa.<adapter>ConnectionFactorySpec CI:

  • Contains no artifact
  • Declares the properties for the corresponding <adapter>: DB, File, FTP, MQ or JMS

The soa.ExtensionLibrarySpec CI is a JAR file that contains:

  • Custom java classes

The SOA ext folder, where the ANT build is executed is specified by the AntHomeDirectory property.

The soa.XSLResourcesSpec CI is a ZIP file that contains:

  • A folder with XSL resources

The soa.UserMessagingdriverEmail CI:

  • Contains no artifact
  • Describes a driver email specification by its properties

Use in deployment packages

This is a sample deployment package (DAR) manifest file (deployit-manifest.xml). It contains declarations for an soa.CompositeSpec.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <udm.DeploymentPackage version="1.0" application="SOA11TestApp">
      <orchestrator />
      <application />
    <soa.CompositeSpec name="MyPOProcessing" file="MyPOProcessing/">
      <tags />
      <applicationDependencies />