Oracle Service Bus plugin

The Deploy Oracle Service Bus (OSB) plugin supports importing and deleting OSB projects.

For more information, see OSB Plugin Reference.

The osb.Configuration CI is a folder that contains:

  • One JAR file containing the projects
  • One or more XML customization files

When you use the Deploy user interface to upload an osb.Configuration artifact, ensure that the JAR and XML files are at the root of the ZIP file.


  • Import and delete OSB configuration.
  • Import OSB customization files with placeholder replacement.

Use in deployment packages

This is a sample deployment package (DAR) manifest file (deployit-manifest.xml). It contains declarations for an osb.Configuration CI that contains project1 and project2.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <udm.DeploymentPackage version="2.0" application="SampleApplication">
            <osb.Configuration name="osbConfiguration" file="osbConfiguration/osbConfiguration.jar">