Release Manual 10.0.x

Upgrade instructions

For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade Deploy. Deploy 10.0.0

XL Deploy 10.0.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the long-term support (LTS) version. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy. Deploy 10.0.0 new features


As of Deploy 10.0, Stitch is out of beta now with the availability of a new workbench that will allow users to create/edit rules within Deploy. Further, the publish feature will allow users to validate rules before it gets published. This feature will make sure the rules/macros are not available in production until it is published.

Improved Performance

With Version 10.0 we have addressed various performance and scalability aspects which will allow customers to utilize the hardware resources effectively. Also, users should notice an improved response time during the stressed conditions.

Master/Worker Enhancements

Reworking parts of the product to improve the robustness of the master-worker feature should increase the product quality, reducing the amount of issues customer experience and report related to this functionality

Enabling Release and Deploy hosting on k8s and OpenShift

Deploy 10.0 officially supports installing Deploy and Release in Kubernetes and AWS EKS environment with install guides and step-by-step instructions on how to set up the machines. Deploy 10.0 also has settings that are tuned for scalability and performance on the k8s and OpenShift platforms.

Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading. Deploy 10.0.0 release notes

New features

  • [DEPL-16298] - Artifact-copy-strategy works on satellites
  • [ENG-1482] - Move to JDK 11 in dev environment
  • [ENG-1483] - XL-Deploy can now connect with Artemis cluster using a UDP address.
  • [ENG-1610] - Added support to fetch configuration from well-known oidc-configuration URI
  • [ENG-2039] - Implemented persisted JMS queue to write records in Reporting Database
  • [ENG-2040] - Generate documents based on the content of the deployment
  • [ENG-2044] - Added support for Terraform deployments
  • [ENG-2091] - License check queries improved
  • [ENG-2180] - Migrated XLD Booting to Spring Boot
  • [ENG-2185] - Identified the key areas where we miss logs or have not human readable logs (on backend)
  • [ENG-2187] - Investigated how to save logs in database (and how to configure log level for that)
  • [ENG-2224] - Upgraded SMBJ to 0.10.0
  • [ENG-2236] - Migrated Worker Booting to Spring Boot
  • [ENG-2238] - Migrated of Satellite Booting to Spring Boot
  • [ENG-2263] - Added API for preview of stitch transformations with additional rules
  • [ENG-2264] - Added a new rule file
  • [ENG-2301] - Bumped to Gradle 6.5.1
  • [ENG-2317] - Added Jython CLI support for Stitch Preview and Dry Run API
  • [ENG-2330] - Updated frontend libraries for xl-react-components
  • [ENG-2331] - Updated frontend libraries for xld-ci-explorer
  • [ENG-2333] - Updated xl-deploy backend libraries
  • [ENG-2336] - Upgraded groovy to the latest version
  • [ENG-2345] - Update dfrontend libraries for xld-stitch-workbench
  • [ENG-2352] - Updated jackson to 2.11.x
  • [ENG-2444] - Enabled DataSourceAutoConfiguration in XLD
  • [ENG-2445] - Enabled DataSourceTransactionManagerAutoConfiguration in XLD
  • [ENG-2489] - Implemented functionality to enable admins to set password str* [ENGth criteria
  • [ENG-2497] - Made SQL integration tests re-runnable
  • [ENG-2520] - Added documentation on SQL server specific properties, setup and settings
  • [ENG-2528] - Reduced time required for reading satellite and satellite groups and enahnced the performance of XL-Deploy
  • [ENG-2530] - Updated the Jasmine libraries to latest
  • [ENG-2550] - Improved the exception handling in the code
  • [ENG-2567] - Enabled token authentication using OAuth
  • [ENG-2576] - Identified what is missing in xld-lock-plugin
  • [ENG-2597] - Updated the Webpack to latest
  • [ENG-2686] - Added ability to postProcessing stitch transformation (in k8s plugin)
  • [ENG-2687] - Added stitching support for YAML objects added during the preProcessing
  • [ENG-2688] - Added implicit “PRE_FLIGHT” processing for AddYamlObject if explicit one is missing
  • [ENG-2698] - Made a new significant tag/id for deployment tasks
  • [ENG-2720] - Automated OSS generation in XL Devops Platform release template
  • [ENG-2742] - Added XL CLI support for Stitch Dry Run
  • [ENG-2784] - Fixed a creation of branches during the release for maintenance branches
  • [ENG-2808] - Added ability to run Dry Run against a Git Source branch
  • [ENG-2887] - Made release 9.7.10
  • [ENG-2895] - Added branch selection for the add Rule screen
  • [ENG-2897] - Added main branch definition to GitSource
  • [ENG-2898] - Added stitch branch regexp to GitSource
  • [ENG-2900] - Added a change set view
  • [ENG-3001] - Added ability to publish a change set


  • [ENG-2216] - Enabled special tags in YAML files
  • [ENG-2356] - Improved the performance of deployment/exists API
  • [ENG-2358] - Improved the performance of deployment/prepare/deployeds API
  • [ENG-2359] - Improve the performance of deployment/validate API
  • [ENG-2360] - Improve the performance of xldeploy/deployment API
  • [ENG-2364] - Improved the performance of “Register deployeds” step
  • [ENG-2705] - Improved the performance of deployment/prepare/update API
  • [ENG-3229] - Made Akka Chunking timeout configurable

Bug fixes

  • [ENG-1648] - Fixed unused handlers in authentication plugins
  • [ENG-1821] - CLI doesn’t get task state on master/ external worker setup
  • [ENG-2127] - Missed scheduled tasks never gets executed
  • [ENG-2171] - XLD REST APIs not working as expected
  • [ENG-2363] - Unable to undeploy application that contains big number of deployeds
  • [ENG-2892] - Can not export duplicate application
  • [ENG-2932] - Non admin user can start new tasks while XLD is in maintenance mode(K8 on-prem)
  • [ENG-3555] - Newly created user gets error upon logging in

Known issues

  • [ENG-3822] - HTTP 400 error while exporting release audit report
  • [ENG-3818] - Users with empty roles are not able to login with OIDC Plugin
  • [ENG-3817] - Stitch - when branch is pending sync, Dry Run button on the Branch/rules screen is enabled
  • [ENG-3816] - Stitch - When branch is not synced, the view log button is enabled and throws error
  • [ENG-3805] - When trying to sync branch there is no feedback if user has no correct permissions
  • [ENG-3780] - Stitch: Able to perform different stitch operations with read only permissions.
  • [ENG-3740] - Show latest version in “Deploy latest” option
  • [ENG-3636] - For initial sync of git source with more than 5 branch showing pending status and we could see error “duplicate key value violates unique constraint “XLDSTNAMESPACESNAMEIDX” error in view log.
  • [ENG-3930] - HTTP Error 500 after Deploy Upgrade in Chrome browser Deploy 10.0.2 release notes

New features

  • [AET-144] - Added modal for branch deletion on publishing the change set
  • [ENG-2312] - Updated: Avoid additional copy of OverthereFile on placeholders replacement
  • [ENG-2498] - Improved performance of repository/read (list)
  • [ENG-2518] - Added index on XLD_CIS for name column
  • [ENG-3033] - Added modal for branch deletion on publishing the change set
  • [ENG-3768] - Fixed JDK11 related errors


  • [ENG-2362] - Improved performance of deployment/dictionary
  • [ENG-2925] - Improved performance of “Deployment” API during Undeploy
  • [ENG-4251] - Updated to support batch read checks for Permission API
  • [ENG-4261] - Improved how we do reflections (synthetic improvement)
  • [ENG-4278] - Improved row mapper
  • [ENG-4995] - Improved placeholders replacement performance

Bug fixes

  • [AET-246] - Fixed: On change set row - disabled button is clickable
  • [ENG-3343] - Handle ‘TypeNotFound’, ‘CannotLocateArtifactException’ and ‘NullPointerException’ occurred while upgrading
  • [ENG-3658] - View selection and date range is not persistent in Calendar if you move across tabs
  • [ENG-3792] - On change set row - disabled button is clickable
  • [ENG-3865] - Sync sources doesn’t work on master/worker
  • [ENG-3866] - Failed Source sync doesn’t show it is failed on GUI
  • [ENG-3962] - Fix validation when saving a rule file
  • [ENG-4050] - Remove unnecessary library from XLD dist
  • [ENG-4142] - Fix multifile error for proper multifile yaml documents
  • [ENG-4148] - Deployit1000ReadOnlyRoleUpgrader failing
  • [ENG-4229] - Add scalac-scapegoat-plugin in thirdPartyLicense ignoredGroups list
  • [ENG-4757] - Fix terraform hcl2json failing on type transformation
  • [ENG-4817] - SQL error thrown in repository/cis/read
  • [ENG-4891] - Backpot ENG-2090 MSSQL driver performance improvement Deploy 10.0.4 release notes

Bug fixes

  • [ENG-4509] - Fixed a security vulnerability to prevent directory traversal attacks.
  • [ENG-2618] - Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating deployment packages that consist of a single file with no content (0 bytes) on Deploy sites that use the Oracle database.
  • [ENG-2570] - Updated the file.Folder error message Deploy 10.0.5 release notes

Bug fixes

  • [FI-496] - Fixed Deploy versions 9.7.10 and 10.0.0 performance issues.
  • [FI-659] - Fixed the issue with large DARs that caused the Deploy application to go down.
  • [FI-753] - Fixed the Deploy Connection Lost Error.