Troubleshoot an IBM WAS connection

The Deploy WebSphere Application Server (WAS) plugin uses the wsadmin tool to perform tasks. When Deploy starts wsadmin on a server for the first time, you must interactively accept the dmgr certificate. Deploy cannot do that, so it will hang if you do not accept the certificate. This is an example of the output that appears in the step log:

SSL signer from target host null is not found in trust store /opt/ws/6.1/appserver/profiles/AppSrv01/etc/trust.p12.
Here is the signer information (verify the digest value matches what is displayed at the server):

Subject DN: CN=was-61-sa, O=IBM, C=US
Issuer DN: CN=was-61-sa, O=IBM, C=US
Serial number: 1306835778
Expires: Wed May 30 11:56:18 CEST 2012
SHA-1 Digest: C9:A3:48:43:BD:20:96:67:AF:51:E5:9A:EE:46:60:EC:6F:0E:F6:51
MD5 Digest: 15:43:57:AD:03:74:A0:DB:158:BE:4A:68:A4:57:6C

Add signer to the trust store now? (y/n)