Update an app(Ear/War) in IBM WebSphere AS

Important: Until the WAS plugin 9.8.x, application updates were performed by undeploying the previous application and then deploying the newer one. However, as of version 10.0.0, the WAS plugin provides you with distinct update strategies to undeploy, deploy or update an application.

Update Ear/War deployment application

After you have deployed a sample application to the enviroment that you have created,
follow these steps to update the application:

  • Create a new deployment package using the same application name which you have deployed.
  • Make the required changes which you want to perform for updating the application.
  • Select the update strategy you want choose to update the application, using the Update Strategy field. Valid values for the field are true and false. Select Update Strategy

If you provide the Update Strategy value as false, then the WAS plugin will generate steps for undeploying the previous app and deploying the new changes.

Undeploy Then Deploy Application

If you provide the Update Strategy value as true, then the WAS plugin will generate the step for updating the app only.

Update Application

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