Plugin Manager CLI

The Deploy plugin manager displays the list of plugins on the filesystem or database and their current version. You can delete Deploy plugins with the plugin manager command-line interface (CLI) from the database or filesystem.


  • The Plugin Manager CLI should be accessed when all Deploy nodes are stopped
  • While deleting plugin from the filesystem you should access Plugin Manager CLI on all nodes

Using plugin manager CLI

To access Plugin Manager CLI, go to bin folder of Deploy distribution and execute the script.

Working with plugin manager CLI

After accessing the plugin manager CLI you will get a list of all plugins on the filesystem and database. In the list, it is denoted with a + sign if a plugin is located in the database or filesystem.

Beneath the list of plugins you will see a list of all the available commands which you can use with the CLI.

To delete the plugin with the plugin manager CLI, type the command delete followed by the plugin full name without a version number. The CLI will output a confirmation message stating if a plugin is deleted from the filesystem or the database.

If you want to see again the list of plugins, type the command list.

If you wish to exit the plugin manager CLI, type the command quit.

Note: If you delete a plugin, it means it is deleted from both database and the filesystem (depending on where is it saved at the moment of deletion)

Plugins Manager

If you misspell the plugin name or add a version, CLI will warn you that there is no plugin with the name and ask you to type the name again.

Important: When you delete a plugin from the filesystem remember to DELETE IT on all other Deploy nodes before you start any of the nodes again.

Exit or shutdown the plugin manager

Type q or quit to exit or shut down the Plugin Manager CLI.