Hashicorp Vault plugin

The HashiCorp Vault plugin is an XL Release plugin to retrieve secrets from a Vault Server for use in your tasks and automations. These secrets include static and dynamic username and password fields from the Secrets Engine of your choice.


  • XL Release: version 9.6+


This documentation assumes gradle version 6.0.1. See gradle/wrappter/gradle-wrapper.properties for the actual version.

Import the jar file into your %XLRELEASE_INSTALLATION%/plugins/xlr-official folder, or from the XL Release web UI as a new plugin. Adding the plugin requires a server restart.


Vault permits several types of authentication as outlined in the Hashicorp Vault Authentication documentation.

Note: This plugin implements a subset of the authentication options, namely token. Other authentication options can be added as demanded.

Define the server configuration of URL plus token.

Release notes

Release Hashicorp Vault Plugin 9.7.0


  • Initial release