Deploy CLI installation

You can install the Deploy command-line interface (CLI) on any remote computer and connect to the Deploy server.

To install the CLI and connect to the Deploy server:

  1. Download the Deploy CLI archive (ZIP file) from the Deploy/Release Software Distribution site (requires customer log-in) or from the link provided when you sign up for a free trial.
  2. Ensure that Deploy is running.
  3. Log in to the computer where you want to install the Deploy CLI.
  4. Create an installation directory such as /opt/xebialabs/xl-deploy-cli or C:\Program Files\Deploy\CLI (referred to as XL_DEPLOY_CLI_HOME in this topic).
  5. Copy the Deploy CLI archive to the directory.
  6. Extract the archive in the directory.
  7. Open a terminal window or command prompt and go to the XL_DEPLOY_CLI_HOME/bin directory.
  8. Execute the start command:

    • Unix-based operating systems: ./
    • Microsoft Windows: cli.cmd
  9. Enter your user name and password.

    The CLI attempts to connect to the server on localhost, running on Deploy’s standard port of 4516.

Set environment variables

After you install the Deploy CLI, it is recommended that you set the DEPLOYIT_CLI_HOME environment variable to the root directory where the CLI is installed.

A second environment variable, DEPLOYIT_CLI_OPTS, can be used to provide Java Virtual Machine (JVM) options for the Deploy CLI process. For example, to set the initial Java heap size to 512 MB and the maximum Java heap size to 2 GB, set the environment variable as follows:

  • Unix-based operating systems: export DEPLOYIT_CLI_OPTIONS="-Xms512m -Xmx2g"
  • Microsoft Windows: set DEPLOYIT_CLI_OPTIONS="-Xms512m -Xmx2g"

If DEPLOYIT_CLI_OPTS is not set, the CLI startup scripts provide sensible defaults.

Deploy CLI directory structure

After you install the Deploy CLI, it will have the following directory structure:

Directory Contains…
bin CLI binaries
ext CLI Python extension scripts
hotfix Hotfixes that fix issues with the CLI software
lib Required libraries
plugins CLI plugins