Unattended installation

You can perform an unattended install of the Deploy server, for example, using Puppet.

When the server is started, it looks for a file called deployit.conf in the conf directory in its home directory. If this file does not exist, the server starts an interactive setup wizard to create it.

You can perform an unattended install by including a deployit.conf file in the package and copying it to the conf directory after the installation ZIP file is extracted. You can perform the installation manually once to obtain a deployit.conf file. After this installation, the Deploy server can be started without using the setup wizard.

Note: If you are using a Deploy repository on disk, you have to create the empty repository directory manually, as this is normally done by the setup wizard.

Another option is to run through the setup wizard automatically, accepting all the defaults. Use this Unix command:

yes yes | bin/server.sh -setup