Pendo Analytics and Guidance is a Product Analytics platform used in Deploy to enrich the product experience and provide insights to the product management team. Deploy uses the integration to deliver release notes, interactive feature tours, and also gather anonymous insights on feature adoption. This topic describes the new feature options, and the data and events that will be shared with the platform.

Pendo Integration Opt-out

The Integration is an optional feature that you can opt out on the instance or at the individual user level. The integration is enabled by default.

To opt-out of integration for the entire Deploy environment, disable the Product analytics and guidance feature on the Settings > Features page. See Configure Feature Settings for more information.

For an individual user to opt out of the Integration feature, the Allow users to opt-out option must be active on the Features Settings page, and the user must opt out of the integration from the User Profile page.

Security and Privacy

With the Deploy integration, we collect certain metadata and events, and share with to support the Usage Analytics features.

Whenever information is shared with a third party, it raises security and privacy concerns. Therefore, we share bare minimum information to avoid the inclusion of personally identifiable information and do not allow the use of cookies.

See Security and Privacy Guidelines for more information.


The Deploy integration does not collect user-entered text or the information in the form fields of your application. By default, the field names, buttons, and other elements within the page are captured in the application data allowing easy analysis. However, no user-supplied information is included in the application data. tracks page view events from end users. The click and focus events of HTML elements are analyzed using specific attributes and properties collected, as documented in HTML Attributes.

Account Information

In addition to events, the following account metadata is shared with the platform to facilitate data segmentation and analysis:

  • Account Unique Identification (non-personally identifiable)
  • Account Name
  • Product Name
  • Product Version
  • Plugin List
  • Database Name and Version

Visitor Information

The visitor metadata does not include any personally identifiable information about the user. It only includes the unique identification that defines whether the user is an admin.

Privacy Policy

For information on how processes personal data and other information through its website and products, see Privacy Policy.

For additional information about Pendo’s GDPR compliance policy and instructions on how to exercise your GDPR rights, see GDPR policy.