Configure Workers Using Kubernetes Operator

From Deploy 22.0, the Deploy Task Engine is used to install workers on Kubernetes clusters. This section describes how to configure Kubernetes Operator to use the Deploy Task Engine setup.

Intended Audience

This topic is intended for administrators with who are responsible for application deployment.

Before You Begin

Ensure the Deploy 22.0 or later version is installed on your system using the latest Kubernetes Operator from Deploy Software Distribution site. For more information, see Installing Deploy Using Kubernetes Operator.

Configuration Steps

  1. In the \digitalai-deploy\kubernetespath of the extracted zip file, update daideploy_cr file with parameters described in the following table:
Parameter Description Default
WorkerImageRepository The repository that contains the Deploy Task Engine image. xebialabs/deploy-task-engine
XldMasterCount Number of master replicas 3
XldWorkerCount Number of worker replicas 3
ImageTag Image tag that defines the Deploy image version number. 22.0
  1. Restart the Deploy Server.