Package version handling

When you create a Deployment Package, name is a mandatory field. It can take various formats depending on the need but it is recommended to follow a standard naming convention so that the Deploy application can sort them the way you want.

Deploy is very flexible and supports various custom formats including Standard SemVer SemVer. However, it is recommended to use a uniform format across package names within a given Application. For example, it is not recommended combining standard SemVer with a custom format in the same Application.

Parsing Package Versions

Deploy uses the following characters as separators while parsing a given version string.

  • . (dot)
  • - (hyphen)
  • _ (underscore)

Deploy uses one of the above separators, if present, to get the package version numbers.

Sorting Package Versions

After extracting the version number from the package name, Deploy treats all-numeral parts as numbers and everything else as plain string. Later, Deploy sorts the package names appropriately.

If the given version value is of SemVer format then Deploy treats it specially. For example, the package with the name 1.2.3-alpha comes before the package with a name 1.2.3.