Examples of orchestrators in Deploy

An orchestrator combines the steps for the individual component changes into an overall deployment workflow. This example shows how different orchestrators affect the deployment of a package containing an EAR file, a WAR file, and a datasource specification to an environment containing two JBoss Application Server server groups and one Apache Tomcat virtual host.

Default orchestrator

When the default orchestrator is used, Deploy generates a deployment plan using the default step order.

Default orchestrator

By container orchestrators

If you use the parallel-by-container orchestrator, Deploy will deploy to each middleware container in parallel.

Parallel by container orchestrator

The Parallel deployment icon icon indicates the parts of the plan that will be executed in parallel. If the sequential-by-container orchestrator are used instead, the steps in the deployment plan are identical, but the Sequential deployment icon icon indicates the parts of the plan that are executed sequentially.

By deployment group orchestrators

In this example of the parallel-by-deployment-group orchestrator, the JBoss-main-server-group and Tomcat8-virtualhost containers are assigned deployment group number 1 and JBoss-other-server-group is assigned deployment group number 2.

Parallel by deployment group