Resolving properties during application updates

When you update a deployed application, Deploy resolves the properties for the deployeds in the application in the same way that it does for the initial deployment of the application. This means:

  • If you had manually set a value for a deployed property during a deployment, that value will not be preserved when you update the deployed application.
  • If the property has a default value, the default value will be used when you update the deployed application, even if you overrode the default during the previous deployment.

Rather than using manual property values, you can use the following Deploy features to help automate setting values on deployeds:

  • Store the values in dictionaries and use placeholders in deployed properties
  • Design your deployment packages so that deployed properties are automatically provided
  • Use tags for fine-grained control over deployment mapping

Tip: For an in-depth look at the relationship between properties of deployables and deployeds, see Understanding deployables and deployeds.