Configuring Workers Using the Kubernetes Operator

The Deploy Task Engine is used by default to create workers in Deploy 22.0 and later. This section describes how to configure the Deploy’s Kubernetes Operator-based installer to use the Deploy Task Engine.


This topic is intended for administrators that are responsible for application deployment. This is valid for Deploy 22.0 or later versions installed using the Kubernetes Operator.

Configuration Steps

  1. Update the \digitalai-deploy\kubernetes\daideploy_cr file with the following parameters:
Parameter Description Default
WorkerImageRepository The repository that contains the Deploy Task Engine image. xebialabs/deploy-task-engine
XldMasterCount Number of master replicas 3
XldWorkerCount Number of worker replicas 3
ImageTag Image tag that defines the Deploy image version number. 22.2.0
  1. Restart the Deploy Server (if you have Deploy up and running already).