Update a deployed application

In Deploy, you do not need to manually create a delta package to perform an update, the Deploy auto-flow engine calculates the delta between two packages automatically. For more information, see what’s in an application deployment package.

When updating a deployed application, Deploy identifies the configuration items in each package that differ between the two versions. It then generates an optimized deployment plan that only contains the steps that are needed to change these items.

When you want to update a deployed application, the process is the same whether you are upgrading to a new version or downgrading to a previous version.

Update an application using the Deploy UI

To update a deployed application:

  1. Expand Environments, and then expand the environment where the application is deployed.
  2. Hover over the application, click Explorer action menu, or right click, and select Update.
  3. In the new tab, select the version. Note: You can filter the list of versions by typing in the Search field.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. You can optionally:

    • View or edit the properties of a deployed item by double-clicking it.
    • Click Deployment Properties to configure properties such as orchestrators. For more information, see orchestrators.
    • Click Force Redeploy to skip delta analysis and install the application by overriding the already deployed application. For more information, see Force Redeploy.
    • Click the arrow icon beside the Deploy button and select Modify plan if you want to adjust the deployment plan by skipping steps or inserting pauses.
  6. Click Deploy to start executing the plan immediately.

If the server does not have the capacity to immediately start executing the plan, it will be in a QUEUED state until the server has sufficient capacity.

If a step in the update fails, Deploy stops executing and marks the step as FAILED. Click the step to see information about the failure in the output log.

Mapping deployables using the GUI

  • You can manually map a specific deployable by dragging it from the left side and dropping it on a specific container in the deployment execution screen. The cursor will indicate whether it is possible to map the deployable type to the container type.

Mapping tips

  • Instead of dragging-and-dropping the application version on the environment, you can right-click the application version, select Deploy, right-click the deployed application, and select Update.
  • To remove a deployable from all containers where it is mapped, select it in the left side of the Workspace and click Remove deployed from all containers.
  • To remove one mapped deployable from a container, select it in the right side of the Workspace and click Remove deployed.

For information about skipping steps or stopping an update, see Deploy an application.