Use satellite groups

You can define groups of satellites that are logically connected together, for example: several satellites that are installed in the same datacenter.

Create a satellite group

  1. In the left pane, click Infrastructure, and click Explorer action menu, then select New > xl > SatelliteGroup.
  2. Specify the name and enter the required information for each satellite you want to add to the satellite group.

If you assign a satellite group to a host and the host is part of a deployment, Deploy selects a random satellite from the group as the active satellite for this deployment. This ensures that when a satellite from the group is down, other satellites can be used to perform future deployments.

For information on how to assign satellites to a host, see Assign a satellite to a host.

When a satellite in a group fails, the failed deployment task does not transfer over to another satellite. To recover the failed deployment task, you must bring back up the downed satellite.


Task is hanging on Send task to satellite using satellite group

If you deploy to an environment where one or more hosts are attached to a satgrp satellite group and other hosts are attached to a sat1 satellite instance directly, the deployment task fails when the satgrp contains sat1 and picks sat1 as the active satellite.

One of the blocks will fail with the following output:

Error while sending file to satellite. (Task is already registered)

If any of these situations occur, cancel the task and ensure all the hosts use satgrp and not sat1.

Note: This issue can occur intermittently due to the random selection of a satellite from the satellite group.