Add a phase to a release or template

In Release, the phases in a template or release represent blocks of work that happen in succession. To add a phase to a template or release, use the release flow editor.

To add a phase:

  1. In the template or release, select Release flow from the Show menu.
  2. Click Add Phase. A new phase with the title ‘New Phase’ appears.
  3. Click the phase title to change it.
  4. Optionally move the phase by dragging it to the desired position.

    Tip: You can expand or collapse a phase by clicking the arrow in the header.

  5. You can select a different color for the phase.
  6. Click Phase details icon to view a description of the phase, the start date, due date, and duration.

    Note: Release uses the dates and duration when displaying the phase in the planner and calendar. If this information is not consistent with the release dates as defined in the release properties, a warning displays.

Copy a phase

To copy a phase, click Duplicate icon. Use this during modeling when you have similar or identical phases. When you duplicate a phase that is active and has running and completed tasks, the tasks in the new phase are all in the planned state.

Delete a phase

To delete a phase, click Delete icon. Note: you cannot delete a completed or active phase of a running release.