Profile settings

To edit your Release user profile, select User management > User profile from the top menu.

User Profile

Personal settings for user

The email address is required to send notifications, such as when a task that is assigned to you starts.

When the Release server is configured to use your company’s LDAP directory, it will attempt to automatically find your name and your email address. You can change the name and address that the server has found.

External users cannot change their passwords from Release.

Personal regional settings

Date format

You can use the format from the language defined in your browser or choose a predefined date format:

  • Month first: Uses the M/d/yy format for short date, MMM d, y for medium date and MMMM d, y for long date representation.
  • Day first: Uses the dd/MM/yy, dd MMM y and dd MMMM y formats.
  • Year first: Uses the yy/MM/dd, y MMM dd and y MMMM dd formats.
  • Browser default: Uses the date formats defined by your browser’s language.

Time format

You can use the format from the language defined in your browser or choose a predefined time format:

  • 24 hours: Uses the 24-hour format.
  • 12 hours: Uses the 12-hour format with AM/PM.
  • Browser default: Uses the time formats defined by you browser’s language.

First day of week

You can use the first day of the week as defined in your browser’s settings or choose a predefined values:

  • Sunday: The week starts on Sunday.
  • Monday: The week starts on Monday.
  • Browser default: The week starts according to your browser’s language.

Product analytics and guidance

The Product Analytics and Guidance feature provides in-app walkthroughs, usage analytics, guidance and release notes by integrating with the platform.

By default, the Product analytics and guidance feature is enabled. If you want to disable the feature, clear the Analytics and guidance checkbox.

This option is only available if the Allow users to opt-out checkbox is selected in Feature settings.