Create a Manual task

Manual tasks are steps in a Release that are to be completed manually by the assigned user. These tasks are either assigned to a single user or to a team and are displayed with a gray border in the Release flow editor. For more information on how Manual tasks are assigned, see Configure teams for a release.

You can add a manual task to a template or release.

Create Manual Tasks

  1. Click a template or release where you want to add a manual task.

    Manual Task

  2. Click Add Task.
  3. type the task title and click Add.

    A Manual task is created.

  4. Click the Manual task to view the Task Modal to update its properties.

    Note: Instead of the Task Modal, you can use the new Task Drawer for manual tasks (feature in tech preview in Release 22.2) to update the manual task properties. For more information, see Task Drawer for Manual Tasks

For more information, see Working with tasks.