Create a release from a Git repository

Using a Git trigger, you can start a release that will execute an External Script task that contains a DSL. The External Script task should point to a file from a Git repository. You must provide HTTP/HTTPS access to the file with a direct link. HTTP authentication provides security.

To start a release:

  1. Create a shared configuration for a Git repository:

    Git repository configuration

  2. Create a template with an External Script task:

    Template with an external script task

    You must provide an HTTP/HTTPS URL to your DSL script from a repository; you can protect the URL with HTTP basic authentication.

  3. Create a Git poll trigger configuration:

    Git poll trigger configuration

When you push changes to the repository, the trigger creates a new release and starts it immediately. You can execute DSL from the same Git repository and immediately change the release flow for every commit by creating a new release with a new pipeline.