Create delivery task

A Create Delivery task is an automatic task that creates a new delivery from a delivery pattern.

The input options for the Create Delivery task are:

Option Description
Pattern ID or title of the pattern that will be used to create the delivery.
Folder The delivery folder can be selected from the drop-down. Also, you can choose a variable to select the folder for the delivery.
Name Title of the delivery that will be created.
Start date Start date of the delivery. Uses the pattern’s value by default.
End date End date of the delivery. Uses the pattern’s value by default.
Delivery ID Output property bound to the variable that contains the ID of the created delivery.

In the release flow editor, Create Delivery tasks are marked with a purple border.

Assigning an automated tasks user

A release that contains a Create Delivery task must have an automated tasks user assigned. This user must have:

  • The View delivery, Edit delivery, or Edit tracked items permission on the folder where the delivery is located if they want to find the delivery.
  • The Edit delivery permission to create a new delivery if Fallback is checked.

You can assign the automated tasks user in the Run automated tasks as user release property. For more information, see Configure release properties.