Updating the Digital.ai Release License—Operator-based Setup

You must use the custom resource definition file (CR file) in case you want to change the Digital.ai Release’s license on sites installed using the Operator-based installer.

Note: The Renew/Install License function (UI) of the Release application (default setup) is not working.

Suppose you have installed Release in the default digitalai namespace. Use the right namespace in case you have installed Release in a custom namespace.

To renew/updated the license on an existing Operator-based Release instance:

  1. Verify the CR configuration (the custom resource name is dai-xlr in the following example).

    ❯ kubectl get digitalaireleases.xlr.digital.ai -n digitalai
    NAME      AGE
    dai-xlr   179m
    ❯ kubectl get digitalaireleases.xlr.digital.ai dai-xlr -n digitalai -o 'jsonpath={.spec.release.configurationManagement.configuration}'

    Important: Make sure that the enabled and resetFiles keys are set to true and "xl-release-license.lic" respectively.

  2. Convert the new Digital.ai License into base 64 format.

    ❯ cat <License.lic> | base64 -w 0
  3. Patch the license with the previous step’s output.

    ❯ kubectl patch digitalaireleases.xlr.digital.ai dai-xlr -n digitalai \
    --type=merge \
    --patch '{"spec":{"xlrLicense":"LS0tIExpY2Vuc2UgLS0tCkxpY2Vuc2U..."}}'
  4. Restart the Release STS (or you can wait for a few seconds for the changes to reflect automatically).

    ❯ kubectl rollout restart sts dai-xlr-digitalai-release -n digitalai
  5. Wait for the Release pods to restart.