Register tracked item task

A Register Tracked Items task is an automatic task that registers one or more tracked items to a running delivery.

The input options for the Register Tracked Items task are:

Option Description
Delivery ID of the delivery where the items will be registered.
Tracked items The items to register or the list variable containing the items.

In the release flow editor, Register Tracked Items tasks are marked with a purple border.

Note: Tracked items that already exist on the delivery will not be overwritten. A release registering already existing items will only be added to the set of linked releases on the tracked item.

Note: In Release 10.0 and later, Tracked items names can be case insensitive in the tasks.

Assigning an automated tasks user

A release that contains a Register Tracked Items task must have an automated tasks user assigned. This user must have the Edit delivery or Edit tracked items permission on the folder where the delivery is located.

You can assign the automated tasks user in the Run automated tasks as user release property. For more information, see Configure release properties.