Task abort script

Using the Abort script property you can execute a Jython script when the task is aborted by the user. This script is defined by the property abortScriptLocation. The abort script is only supported by Jython tasks (extends="xlrelease.PythonScript").


The script will run until it finishes. If the abort script produces an error, the error will be logged and the task will be marked as failed.


Currently the abort script is only used in the xlr-xld-plugin to abort the Deploy task started by the Release task when the user aborts the task manually.

<type type="xldeploy.Deploy" label="Deploy: Deploy" extends="xldeploy.RetryTask">
    <property name="scriptLocation" default="xlrxldeploy/Deploy.py" hidden="true" />
    <property name="abortScriptLocation" default="xlrxldeploy/Abort.py" hidden="true" />