Discovery in the WebLogic plugin

After you specify the host and domain of a server running Oracle WebLogic, you can use the Deploy WebLogic (WLS) plugin to discover the following middleware containers:

  • Cluster (wls.Cluster)
  • Server (wls.Server)
  • JMS server (wls.JmsServer)

Discovery in the user interface

To discover a domain from the Deploy user interface:

  1. Go to the Repository.
  2. Under Infrastructure, create an overthere.Host configuration item (CI) with the appropriate connection credentials.
  3. Right-click Infrastructure and select Discover > wls > Domain.
  4. Configure the required properties for the wls.Domain and follow the steps in the discovery wizard.

Discovery with the CLI

You can also discover a domain from the command-line interface (CLI). Here is an example of a Deploy CLI script that discovers a sample WebLogic domain:

	adminServerHost = repository.create(factory.configurationItem('Infrastructure/adminServerHost','overthere.SshHost', {'os':'UNIX','connectionType':'SFTP', 'address':'wls-103', 'username':'demo-user', 'password':'demo-password'}))

	wlsDomain = factory.configurationItem('Infrastructure/demoWlsDomain', 'wls.Domain', {'wlHome':'/opt/bea-10.3/wlserver_10.3', 'domainHome':'/opt/bea-10.3/user_projects/domains/demoWlsDomain', 'port':'7001', 'username':'weblogic', 'password':'weblogic', 'adminServerName':'adminServer', 'startMode':'NodeManager', 'host':'Infrastructure/adminServerHost'})

    taskId = deployit.createDiscoveryTask(wlsDomain)
    discoveredItems = deployit.retrieveDiscoveryResults(taskId)


	# Discovery just discovers the topology and keeps the configuration items in memory.
	# Let's save them in Deployit repository!


The WebLogic topology discovery does not discover/associate the host associated with the managed servers (wls.Server). So if a wls.Cluster spans multiple hosts, you must manually create the managed server’s hosts and its association with the server. You can do this using the CLI or the GUI. You may need to do this for certain deployment scenarios in which knowledge of the server’s host is needed (such as NoStage deployments).