Microsoft IIS plugin

The Deploy Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) plugin adds the capability to perform IIS deployments and configuration tasks.

For more information, see IIS Plugin Reference.


  • Deploy and undeploy IIS web content.
  • Create, modify, and destroy IIS configuration elements:

    • Websites
    • Application pools
    • Applications
    • Virtual directories

      • Configuration collection elements
      • Attributes
  • Set options on IIS configuration elements:

    • Authentication modes
    • Directory browsing
  • Stop and start websites and application pools as necessary.

Use in deployment packages

The plugin works with the standard deployment package DAR format. The following is a sample deployit-manifest.xml file that includes a few of the deployables provided by the IIS plugin:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<udm.DeploymentPackage application="NerdDinner" version="2.0">
    <iis.WebContent name="NerdDinner-files" file="NerdDinner-files/NerdDinner-Files">
    <iis.ApplicationPoolSpec name="NerdDinner-applicationPool">
    <iis.WebsiteSpec name="NerdDinner-website">
        <iis.WebsiteBindingSpec name="NerdDinner-website/88">

Extend the IIS plugin

The IIS plugin is written on the foundations provided by the PowerShell plugin, which is a standard part of the Deploy server distribution. For details on how to extend PowerShell-based plugins, see Introduction to the Deploy PowerShell plugin.