Podman plugin

The Deploy Podman plugin allows you to deploy Podman images to create containers. Additionally, you can connect networks and volumes to these containers.

For information about requirements and the configuration items (CIs), see the Podman plugin provided.


  • Deploy Podman images
  • Create Podman containers
  • Connect networks and volumes to Podman containers
  • Deploying applications in the form of containers and Pods
  • Deploying network and volumes
  • Copying files to running Podman containers
  • Create Podman Secrets

Using the plugin configuration items

The podman.Container CI creates and starts a Podman container by retrieving a specified image from Docker Hub.

The podman.Network CI creates a Podman network for a specified driver and connects Podman containers with networks.

The podman.Volume CI creates a Podman volume and connects containers to specified data volumes.

The podman.Registry CI registers a Podman registry with the Podman host.

The podman.PodSpec CI creates a Podman pod deployable.

The podman.portmappings CI creates a Podman Pod Mapping deployable.

The podman.MountedVolume CI configures a new Volume.

The podman.ContainerSpec CI creates a deployable for a Podman container.

The podman.Network CI configures a Podman network.

The podman.NetworkSpec CI creates a deployable for a Podman network.

The podman.DeployedFolder CI deploys a folder to the Podman host.

The podman.Pod CI is similar to the docker Service from the Docker Deploy plugin.

The podman.Secret CI creates Secrets in Podman.

The podman.SecretSpec CI creates a Podman Secret deployable.