Run the Docker containers with Docker Compose

This topic guides you to run the Docker Containers with Docker Compose for both Release and Deploy.

Version-specific Docker images for Release and Deploy are published to Docker Hub:

Run the containers using the docker-compose.yaml file

To start both Deploy and Release with a persistent setup:

  1. Download the Docker Compose file using the following command:

    $ curl > docker-compose.yaml
  2. Open the docker-compose.yaml file and change the ADMIN_PASSWORD for both servers to a secure password.
  3. Run the file with Docker Compose:

    $ docker-compose up -d
  4. Access Release at http://localhost:5516/ and Deploy at http://localhost:4516/.

You can now remove the passwords from the docker-compose.yaml file.

You must provide a valid license before you can log in. Browse to the above URLs and paste the licenses for the appropriate product. If you do not have a license yet, apply for an Release trial license or an Deploy trial license on the XebiaLabs web site.

Set up Release and Deploy using Docker Compose

If you want to use Deploy and Release together, both servers need to be able identify each other. When you start a single instance of a Docker container, the network is not configured to allow the two servers to identify each other. To link the instances of the two servers, you can use Docker Compose. This also allows you to start both containers at the same time and move all command line options into a file.

  1. Create a file called docker-compose.yaml and copy the following contents inside:

      image: xebialabs/xl-deploy:8.2
      container_name: xld
       - "4516:4516"
      image: xebialabs/xl-release:8.2
      container_name: xlr
       - "5516:5516"
       - xld
  2. Start both containers with this single command:

       $ docker-compose up -d
  3. Both containers will start and the password can be viewed using these commands:

       $ docker logs xlr
       $ docker logs xld
  4. Log in to Release with the admin password. You can configure the Deploy server under Settings > Shared Configuration. Use the following settings:


Note: You can run Deploy or Release containers individually by modifying the docker-compose.yaml file to contain only the code specific for each product.