Integrate Deploy with Platform Identity Service


You must contact the Support team to get started with integrating Deploy with the Platform Identity Service.

For more information, see:

Add Deploy as a Client in the Platform Identity Service

  1. Log in to the Platform Identity Service.
  2. Go to Admin > Clients > Add OIDC Client
  3. Give the client a name (for example, deploy)
  4. Add a valid redirect URI in the Valid Redirect URIs.

    <deploy url>/oidc-login
  5. Save the client.

Configuring Deploy

Do this on the Deploy server.

  1. Install and enable the OIDC Authentication plugin, modify the Default configuration property to OIDC in the XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/centralConfiguration/deploy-server.yaml file.
  2. To configure the OIDC Authentication plugin, add the following YAML code snippet to the XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/centralConfiguration/deploy-oidc.yaml file.
         clientId: "<Your client ID>"
         clientSecret: "<Your client secret>"
         issuer: "<Enter the Open ID Provider Issuer>" # for example ""
         redirectUri: "<deploy url>/login/external-login"
         postLogoutRedirectUri: "<deploy url>/login/external-login"
         rolesClaimName: "realm_access.roles"
         userNameClaimName: preferred_username

    The above configuration automatically fetches the required configuration from the discovery endpoint.

    For more information, see Configure Deploy for OIDC Authentication.