Plugin Manager Troubleshooting

This section describes some of the common user issues faced when using the Plugin Manager with corresponding response messages.

Type Validation

Issue Response Message
As of Deploy 22.0, type validation has been added for all local plugins. Type validation checks if some type from the synthetic.xml file already exists in the type system. If a type already exists, an error response will be returned with a list of all types that already exist.
Note: Official plugins are not validated because they are downloaded from the Nexus repository.

Installing a Local Plugin

Issue Response
Installing a local plugin with the same version The same version of the plugin is already installed.
Installing a local plugin with a different version Another version of the plugin is already installed.

Updating a Local plugin

Note: All local plugins can be updated with another local file.

Issue Response
Updating a plugin by clicking on Add new plugin file If you want to update an existing plugin, the correct way to do it is to go to Installed tab and select Upload new version action right to the plugin version. Otherwise, you will get a response that the plugin already exists.

Plugin Manager CLI

Note: In the plugin manager CLI, type validation is skipped because the type system is not initialised. The plugin manager CLI validation consists of checking if the plugin file is a valid .xldp archive and if it contains a synthetic.xml file.

Issue Response
Updating or deleting a plugin that does not exist The plugin does not exist.
Updating an official plugin The response is the same as when you update a plugin that does not exist because you can only update local plugins with the CLI.