View deployment history

You can view the history of successful deployments of application versions to an environment. This is useful when you want to determine placeholder value changes between versions for an environment, determine who made a specific change, and to support deployment rollbacks.

You can access the deployment history page from the summary view of an application or environment CI.

View deployment history from an application

From any application deployed to multiple environments:

  1. Click the history icon next to the environment.

    Deploy history button

  2. The deployment history page displays previous deployments of an application to the environment.

    Deploy history page

In this example, you can see that one change was made between the previous version and the current version. Specifically, the usr key was changed from anki to john.

  1. To compare the current deployed version to another previous version, click the arrow next to the timestamp to select a previous version.

    Deploy history select versions

    In this example, you can see that the cmd value was changed between version 1.0 and the current version 2.1.

    Deploy history changes

  2. To see only values that changed, click View > Changed.
  3. To view the user that made each change, hover over Changed.
  4. Use the Search boxes to search for specific keys, containers and values.

View deployment history from an environment

Using the same scenario, you can also view the deployment history from the environment summary page. Open the environment CI to which you deployed multiple versions of an application:

  1. In the Deployed application section, click the history icon.

    Deploy history from environment

  2. View the history of the applications deployed to the environment.
  3. See View deployment history from an application for details provided on this page.