View environment summary information

The environment summary screen gives you an “at a glance” view of an environment, providing some basic information including its current status, infrastructure that it uses, currently-deployed applications, dictionaries and resolved placeholders.

The summary screen provides an entry point for you to edit environment details. You can click Edit properties, make and save configuration changes, and return to the summary screen to see the changes reflected.

Infrastructure section

Infrastructure shows a list of all infrastructure connected to the environment. Click an infrastructure item to open its properties.

If the piece of infrastructure has tags, they will also be shown in this view. For more information, see Use tags to configure deployments.

Deployments section

Deployed application version shows all the deployments for the environment, ordered by last deployment. Click a deployed application to open its own summary.

Dictionaries section

Dictionaries shows all dictionaries related to the environment and lets you search for a specific dictionary in the list.

dictionaries section

Placeholders section

Resolved placeholders shows all placeholders and dictionaries that were successfully used in the environment’s deployments.

  • Each column in this list can be searched and filtered, and clicking any element in a column will open its respective area:

    • Deployed application - the application where the placeholder was deployed to.
    • Dictionary - the dictionary that contains the placeholder definition.
    • Key - the placeholder key
    • Value - the value of the placeholder. Note: If a user does not have permission to view this dictionary, the value will not be displayed.
    • Target - the target deployed where the placeholder was resolved.

    Resolved placeholders

For more information, see Using placeholders in deployments.