Early Access Release Notes for Digital.ai Deploy

Early Access (EA) Releases

  • The last released production version is Digital.ai Deploy 22.3.
  • The upcoming release in April 2023 is Digital.ai Deploy 23.1.
  • This page lists the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes available with the monthly early access (EA) releases of Digital.ai Deploy 23.1.
  • Here’s the link to download the installers and plugins for the EA releases: Early Access Downloads.

November 2022—EA version 23.1.0-beta.5

Early access release version 23.1.0-beta.5 includes the following new features and enhancements.

Plugins and Integrations

Here’s what’s new and changed with plugins and integrations.

AWS Plugin

Enhanced the Lambda function deployment to deploy a Lambda function from an image stored in a repository.

AWS Plugin

When you update a file from S3 bucket, the FileName error occurs. This issue is now fixed.

Azure Plugin

Implemented AI.Deploy Azure plugin ACI with Azure Container Instances in the private registry (ACR). Two new fields, the Registry Username and Registry password are added.

Azure Plugin Username

Enhanced the Azure Function app deployment to deploy a Function app from an image stored in a repository.

Azure Plugin Function

Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating new ResourceGroups on Azure clusters.

HashiCorp Vault Plugin

Enabled non-admin users to authenticate to the HashiCorp Vault.

OpenShift Plugin

When you undeploy openshift.ProjectSpec, the project is deleted but the task still runs in a loop. This issue is now fixed.

Tomcat Plugin

When you start the Tomcat server on a Remote host, the start, status, and stop control actions are not working as expected and also an error is thrown. This issue is now fixed.

WebLogic Server Plugin

Fixed issue where Rollback of Side by Side Update of Artifacts fail.

WebSphere Application Server Plugin

Fixed an issue with the Create WAS Cluster feature that was not working.

Fixed an issue with the rsplit attribute that is missing in the string object.