System messages

Starting Release 8.6.1, it is possible to create system messages which are displayed under the menu bar. This can be useful in several scenarios, including:

  • When there is a maintenance window planned.
  • If you want to share system messages with all your users.


Note: In Release only allows users with admin permission to configure the message.

To configure the message:

  1. In the top right corner, click the cog icon cog icon and select Configure system message.
  2. Select the checkbox Enable system message,Turn on the message for all users.
  3. Add a message in the System message text field.
  4. Click Save. The message is now be visible to all users.

You can also schedule messages to run for a period of time. To do this, in the System message window:

  1. Select the checkbox Automatically enable/disable system message.
  2. The Start date/End date fields will become visible.
  3. Select Set date for the start and end, and set a date and time to begin and end the message visibility.
  4. Save the message. It will now be visible for the time period defined.