Listen to events

In Release your custom code can react on the activity log events that are happening inside releases or triggers. These events are published in a lot of different moments during the release or trigger execution.


In the following example, you will see how to listen to one of the Release events and react to it.

Important: If you are using maven or gradle to build your plugin, you must add the Deploy/Release Maven repository: and the following dependency: com.xebialabs.xlrelease:xlr-api:9.8.x.


repositories {
  maven {
    url ''
dependencies {
  compile: "com.xebialabs.xlrelease:xlr-api:9.8.0"


      <name>XebiaLabs maven repository</name>

Here is a sample of the directories inside your plugin structure:

├── META-INF/services
│   └──
└── com/example/plugin

Release uses java ServiceLoader to discover your custom listeners.

You must create a file with the name inside your .jar file under the META-INF/services directory.


The content of the file is a line with the implementation of the XLReleaseEventListener, in this case:


Create a Java class PhaseNotifiyListener inside the com.example.plugin package:

package com.example.plugin;


public class PhaseNotifiyListener implements XLReleaseEventListener {

  private NotificationApi notificationApi = new ....

  public void notifyCriticalPhaseStarted(ActivityLogEvent event) {
    if (e.activityType().equals(PHASE\_STARTED) && e.message().contains(Critical phase)) {
      notificationApi.sendAlert(Critical phase started!,;


Your Java class must implement the interface XLReleaseEventListener (this is the same as the file created under META-INF/services). The method with the event logic must be annotated with @AsyncSubscribe. This TestListener is listening to all ActivityLogEvent. If the event type is PHASE_STARTED and contains the critical phase name, it sends an alert to that a critical phase has started.

Important: As this class is instantiated by Release, the constructor cannot have any argument.

Note: As of Release 8.5.3, ActivityLogEvent has an additional property releaseId of type string.

Using the Configuration API

It is also possible to use the Configuration API from your java class. You must create a private field with the @Resource annotation and Release will inject the interface for you.

package com.example.plugin;

import javax.annotation.Resource;

import com.xebialabs.xlrelease.api.v1.ConfigurationApi;

public class PhaseNotifiyListener implements XLReleaseEventListener {

  private ConfigurationApi configurationApi;

  public void notifyCriticalPhaseStarted(ActivityLogEvent event) {


Update plugins to replace DeployitEventListener with XLReleaseEventListener

The DeployitEventListener property has been removed and is no longer supported. If you are using this property in your custom plugins, follow these steps to update your custom plugins:

  1. Add a new dependency in build.gradle:

    compile "com.xebialabs.xlrelease:xlr-api:8.2.x"

    You can now add the new events dependencies on the plugin scope.

  2. All classes that have the @DeployitEventListener annotation must be changed to implement XLReleaseEventListener.
  3. All methods on your old classes containing @Subscribe must be replaced with @AsyncSubscribe and the parameter must be changed to ActivityLogEvent.
  4. In the resources folder, create two new folders (META-INF/services) and a file named Using a text editor, open and add a text line with the full name of your old class. This is required from Release to detect these “listener” classes outside the Release package.

List of activity types

The following table shows the different activity log types that you can receive in different moments for a release:

Activity log type Description
TEMPLATE_CREATED Created template
TEMPLATE_DUPLICATED Duplicated template
TEMPLATE_MOVED Template moved from folder
RELEASE_TITLE_UPDATED Changed release title
RELEASE_DESCRIPTION_UPDATED Changed release description
RELEASE_DUE_DATE_UPDATED Changed release due date
RELEASE_SCHEDULED_START_DATE_UPDATED Changed release scheduled start date
RELEASE_OWNER_UPDATED Changed release owner
RELEASE_TAGS_UPDATED Updated release tags
RELEASE_FLAG_STATUS_UPDATED Changed flag status for release
RELEASE_FLAG_COMMENT_UPDATED Changed flag comment on release
RELEASE_ABORT_RELEASE_ON_FAILURE_UPDATED Changed ‘Abort release on failure’ status on status
COMMENT_ADDED Added a comment on task
COMMENT_UPDATED Updated comment on task
PHASE_CREATED Created a phase in a release
PHASE_RENAMED Renamed a phase in a release
PHASE_DESCRIPTION_UPDATED Changed the description of a phase
PHASE_DURATION_UPDATED Changed the duration of a phase
PHASE_DUE_DATE_UPDATED Changed the due date of a phase
PHASE_SCHEDULED_START_DATE_UPDATED Changed the scheduled start date of a phase
PHASE_COLOR_CHANGED Changed the phase color
PHASE_MOVED Moved phase
PHASE_DELETED Deleted phase
PHASE_DUPLICATED Duplicated phase
PHASE_STARTED Started phase
PHASE_FAILED Failed phase
PHASE_FAILING Phase started failing
PHASE_RESTARTED Restarted phase
PHASE_COMPLETED Completed phase
PHASE_CLOSED Closed phase and skipped all its tasks
TASK_CREATED Created task
TASK_MOVED_BETWEEN_CONTAINERS Moved a task between containers
TASK_MOVED_WITHIN_CONTAINER Moved a task within a container
TASK_DELETED Deleted task
TASK_TITLE_UPDATED Changed the title of a task
TASK_DESCRIPTION_UPDATED Changed the description of a task
TASK_DURATION_UPDATED Changed the duration of a task
TASK_OWNER_UPDATED Changed the owner of a task
TASK_TASK_TEAM_UPDATED Changed the team of a task
TASK_DUE_DATE_UPDATED Changed the due date of a task
TASK_SCHEDULED_START_DATE_UPDATED Changed the scheduled start date of a task
TASK_WAIT_FOR_SCHEDULED_START_DATE_UPDATED Changed the wait for scheduled start date property of a task
TASK_FLAG_STATUS_UPDATED Changed the flag on a task
TASK_FLAG_COMMENT_UPDATED Changed the flag comment on a task
TASK_COPIED Copied task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_ADDRESSES_UPDATED Changed the notification addresses of recipients of the task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_CC_UPDATED Changed the notification list of email addresses that receive the message as CC of a task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_BCC_UPDATED Changed the notification list of email addresses that receive the message as BCC of a task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_REPLY_TO_UPDATED Changed the notification email address of the reply message recipient of a task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_PRIORITY_UPDATED Changed the notification email priority of a task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT_UPDATED Changed the notification subject of a task
TASK_NOTIFICATION_BODY_UPDATED Changed the notification body of a task
TASK_SCRIPT_UPDATED Changed the script of a task
TASK_INPUT_PROPERTY_UPDATED Changed the input property of a task
TASK_INPUT_PROPERTY_PASSWORD_UPDATED Changed the password on an input property of a task
TASK_OUTPUT_PROPERTIES_UPDATED Changed the output property of a task
TASK_PRECONDITION_UPDATED Changed the precondition of a task
TASK_TYPE_CHANGED Changed the type of a task
TASK_RELEASE_TITLE_UPDATED Changed the release title of a task
TASK_RELEASE_TEMPLATE_UPDATED Changed the release template of a task
TASK_START_RELEASE_FLAG_UPDATED Changed the start release flag of a task
TASK_RELEASE_VARIABLE_UPDATED Changed a variable of a task
TASK_RELEASE_TAGS_UPDATED Changed release tags of a task
TEAM_CREATED Created team
TEAM_UPDATED Updated team
TEAM_DELETED Removed team
FOLDER_TEAM_MERGED Merged teams and permissions from a template into a folder
REMOVE_TEMPLATE_TEAMS Removed teams from template. It will inherit teams and permissions from a folder
GATE_CONDITION_CREATED Created condition on a gate
GATE_CONDITION_TITLE_UPDATED Updated the condition gate title
GATE_CONDITION_FULFILLED Fulfilled condition on gate
GATE_CONDITION_UNFULFILLED Unfulfilled condition on gate
GATE_CONDITION_DELETED Deleted condition from gate
LINK_ADDED Created a link between tasks on a group
LINK_REMOVED Removed a link between tasks on a group
DEPENDENCY_CREATED Added a dependency in a gate
DEPENDENCY_UPDATED Changed a dependency in a gate
DEPENDENCY_DELETED Deleted a dependency in a gate
RELEASE_CREATED_FROM_TEMPLATE Created a release from a template
RELEASE_CREATED_FROM_CREATE_RELEASE_TASK Created a release from a create release task and a template
RELEASE_CREATED_FROM_DSL Created a release from DSL
RELEASE_RESTORED_FROM_REVISION Restored a template from a revision
RELEASE_CREATED Created an empty release
RELEASE_STARTED Started a release
RELEASE_STARTED_FROM_CREATE_RELEASE_TASK Started a release from a create release task
RELEASE_FAILED Failed release
RELEASE_FAILING Release started failing
RELEASE_RESTARTED Restarted release
RELEASE_COMPLETED Completed release
RELEASE_ABORTED Aborted release
TASK_STARTED Started task
TASK_DELAYED Activated a task with a scheduled start date
TASK_DELAYED_DUE_TO_BLACKOUT Activated a task with a scheduled start date due to a blackout
TASK_COMPLETED Completed a task
TASK_COMPLETED_IN_ADVANCE Completed a task in advance
TASK_SKIPPED Skipped task
TASK_SKIPPED_IN_ADVANCE Skipped a task in advance
TASK_FAILED Failed task
TASK_RESTARTED Restarted task
TASK_FAILING Task started failing
TASK_REOPENED Reopened task
TASK_WAITING_FOR_INPUT Task requires input for variables
TEMPLATE_IMPORTED Imported template
PERMISSIONS_UPDATED Updated permissions
ATTACHMENT_ADDED Added attachment
ATTACHMENT_ADDED_ON_TASK Added attachment on a task
ATTACHMENT_DELETED Deleted attachment
ATTACHMENT_DELETED_FROM_TASK Deleted attachment from task
TEMPLATE_ALLOW_CONCURRENT_RELEASES_FROM_TRIGGER_UPDATED Changed ‘Allow concurrent triggered releases’ template
RELEASE_VARIABLE_CREATED Created release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_DELETED Deleted release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_REPLACED Replaced release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_RENAMED Renamed release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_VALUE_UPDATED Changed the value of a release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_PASSWORD_VALUE_UPDATED Changed the value of a password variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_NAME_UPDATED Changed the name of a release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_LABEL_UPDATED Changed the label of a release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_DESCRIPTION_UPDATED Changed the description of a release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_REQUIRED_UPDATED Changed the required flag of a release variable
RELEASE_VARIABLE_SHOW_ON_CREATE_UPDATED Changed the ‘show on create release form’ flag of a release variable
GLOBAL_VARIABLE_CREATED Created global variable
GLOBAL_VARIABLE_VALUE_UPDATED Changed the value of a global variable
GLOBAL_VARIABLE_DELETED Deleted global variable
FOLDER_VARIABLE_CREATED Created folder variable
FOLDER_VARIABLE_VALUE_UPDATED Changed value of folder variable
FOLDER_VARIABLE_DELETED Deleted folder variable
RELEASE_RISK_PROFILE_UPDATED Changed the release risk profile

The following table shows the different activity log types that you can receive in different moments for a trigger:

Activity log type Description
TRIGGER_CREATED Created trigger
TRIGGER_PROPERTY_UPDATED Changed property of a trigger
TRIGGER_DELETED Deleted trigger
TRIGGER_ENABLED Enabled trigger
TRIGGER_DISABLED Disabled trigger
TRIGGER_EXECUTED Trigger action executed (e.g. release was created)
TRIGGER_FAILED Trigger action execution failed
TRIGGER_FILTER_FAILED Event-based trigger filter execution failed