Release planner

The Release planner view provides an interactive Gantt chart to view and edit the duration of the phases and tasks in a release or template. The Gantt chart is a combined timeline of the template or release, its phases, and the tasks within.

To access in the planner view, open a template or a release, select Release flow from the Show menu and click Planner.

Planner: phases overview

The tasks are executed in sequential order within a phase. In the example below, Task 2 does not start until Task 1 is complete, as indicated by the line that connects them.

Planner: default sequence

Editing tasks and phases in the planner

These are the actions you can perform when editing a task or a phase in the planner:

  • To move the task or phase to a new position, drag and drop it.
  • To set the duration of a task or a phase, drag its right edge.
  • To set the scheduled start date of a task or a phase, drag its left edge.
  • To set the dates and durations explicitly, click Show dates and modify the values in the columns.

Planner: sequence with start and dates

When you set the scheduled start date or the duration of a task, the planner automatically adjusts the subsequent tasks in the same phase. For more information about dates and durations, see Scheduling releases

Tip: Double-click a task in the planner to open the detail view.