Early Access Release Notes for Digital.ai Release

Early Access (EA) Releases

  • The last released production version is Digital.ai Release 22.3.
  • The upcoming release in April 2023 is Digital.ai Release 23.1.
  • This page lists the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes available with the monthly early access (EA) releases of Digital.ai Release 23.1.
  • Here’s the link to download the installers and plugins for the EA releases: Early Access Downloads.

November 2022—EA version 23.1.0-beta.5

Early access release version 23.1.0-beta.5 includes the following new features and enhancements.

UI Revamped for Show drop-down list

The options in the Show drop-down list from the Release Flow Editor is moved to the left navigation bar when you select a Release or a Template.

Release View

Show drop-down Release

Template View

Show drop-down Template

Folder Depth Limited in Release

Higher folder depth in Release has negative impact on its performance that leads to the following issues:

  • General slowness
  • High CPU usage
  • CLI tasks become unreliable
  • Create release task is not usable

Now, you can configure the folder depth in Release via Settings > System Settings > Feature Flags > Max folder depth.

Note: The default folder depth is set to 5. However, Administrators can increase the folder depth to more than 5 based on the requirements.

Folder Depth Limited in Release

Nested Variable Interpolation Skipped for Text Variable Types

You can now skip interpolation of values and prevent Digital.ai Release from creating variables out of it for Text variable types.

Configure this setting via Variables > Create variable dialog > Prevent variable interpolation checkbox. This checkbox is enabled only when you select Text from the Type drop-down list.

Note: It is applicable only for Text variables. It can be set at Release, Folder, and Global variable levels.

Nested Variable Interpolation

Plugins and Integrations

Here’s what’s new and changed with plugins and integrations.

GitLab Plugin

The Order by and Sorting Order fields are added for the QueryTags task.

Query Tags Task

Jenkins Plugin

When you abort a Jenkins build task from Digital.ai Release, the task stops immediately but the Jenkins job still runs. This issue is now fixed.